TP-Link Extender Setup

TP-Link Extenders the best WiFi extedners for boosting the WiFi signals. you can easily experience the similar WiFi speed for every corner of your house. TP-Link extenders are not only useful for the home users but if you are having a business firm, TP-Link Extender will be equally useful for you. after installing the TP-Link extenders, you will not need to install seperate WiFi devices to every cabin of your business location. Here we are explaing the steps you will need to setup the TP-Link extender.

How to Setup TP-Link Extender

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  1. First of all give the power supply to the TP-Link Extender.
  2. find the push or lock button located on the TP-Link extender and push that button for few seconds.
  3. using the desktop computer, connect wiht the TP-Link_Extender_XXXXXX WiFi network
  4. you will be landed on the default TP-Link extender login address that is or may be
  5. here you will need to enter the login details for the TP-Link extender. Default user name is admin and default password is also admin.
  6. after the sucessful login, you will need to select the region in which you are living.
  7. simply select the home wireless network.
  8. here you will need to enter the network password for your home.
  9. expert suggest to give the unique SSID name for the home network.
  10. simply click on the “Next”option.
  11. simply plug out the TP-Link extender from the power socket and place this any where you want to place.

These are the simple steps you will need to follow if you want to configure and setup the TP-Link extender, you can contacr any time you need help for the TP-Link extender. we are capable to solve the issues like tp link extender setup, tp link extender, tp link extender login, tp link extender configuration,,, tp-link extender, http //, http // admin, tp-link range extender setup and also tp-link extender configurar

Some Tips for Using the TP-Link Extenders

Here we are explaing some tips for you that you can experience best working environment for your TP-Link extender.

  • Make sure to give a unique name to your SSID network. giving the unique name to your SSID network will help you to clearly identify your router and TP-Link extender.
  • make sure not to place the TP-Link extender too far from the main TP-Link router.
  • make sure that you have sufficent uploading speed. uploading speed can be tested easily.