Tp-link RE580d AC1900 Wifi Extender Setup

Want to enjoy an extended wireless network? Install tp-link AC1900 extender at your place and get rid of dead spots and weak wifi corners. Learn quick steps for tp-link re580d ac1900 wifi extender setup.
Are you content with the performance of your wireless router? Get tplink AC1900 extender and say goodbye to slow wifi signals and interrupted wireless network. The high-powered device eliminates the dead spots and extends your existing wireless network. TP-Link RE580D extender is ideal for high-bandwidth activities as it ensures no interrupted even when multiple devices are connected simultaneously. For tp-link re580d ac1900 wifi extender setup, you need to make use of default web address
If you are not sure how to set up tp link extender, you can check out the following sections of the blog and learn about it.

Learn about the LED status of tplink extender
Power LED
ON- The extender is turned ON
Blinking- The extender is initializing
OFF- The extender is OFF
Blinking- WPS connection is in process
Solid Blue- The connection has been formed successfully
Solid Orange- The connection is formed but weak signal strength
OFF- No connection

How to set up tp link extender?

There are two methods for the tp-link ac1900 extender setup; you can choose one:
1. Web browser method
2. WPS/ RE button
Tp-link re580d ac1900 wifi extender setup via web browser
1. Plug the power adapter of your extender into a working power outlet. Turn on your extender and wait for the LED to turn solid blue.
2. The next step should be to connect to the tplink network. Use an ethernet cable to connect to tplink network.
3. You can also do it over a wireless connection.
4. Open up a browser and go to
5. Enter the username and password to log in.
6. On the tp-link ac1900 extender setup page, click on the ‘Scan now’ option.
7. Select your router’s network from the available list. Enter the password and then click ‘Next’
8. Either keep the default network SSID and passkey the same as the router or customize it for the extended network.
9. Click ‘Next’ option.
10. Click ‘Finish’

Tp-link re580d ac1900 wifi extender setup Via RE/ WPS button

WPS is an easier way to extend your home network. Perform the following mentioned steps:
1. Place the extender nearby your router
2. Connect the power adapter to your tplink extender and turn it ON.
3. Wait for the Power LED to turn solid blue.
4. Press the WPS button on the extender and press the WPS button on the router within a few minutes.

Finally, you need to relocate your tplink extender to a new location. Place the extender halfway between the area with low wifi signals and router.

At any point, if you encounter an issue during the tp-link ac1900 extender setup, you can contact our technical team. Just ring them on their 24/7 available number.