TP-Link Extender Setup Issues using the Default Login Address

TP-Link extender setup is possible only after you successfully login to the TP-Link login page. There are a number of TP Link extender setup configurations you can manage after login to the TP-Link extender login. Sometimes users face issues while access the TP-Link extender configuration page. We are there to help you in that case. Here are the tips you can follow if you are facing issues with TP-Link extender page login.

Not Able to Access the TP-Link Extender Setup Page using Domain Name? Try This

If you are facing issues accessing the TP-Link extender setup page using the domain name, you can follow these steps. Your issue will get resolved but, in case you feel confused, you can contact us for the help.

If the Wired or Wireless Devices are Not Connected to the TP-Link Extender

Experts always suggest that the devices should be connected using the Ethernet cables so that you can access the TP-Link extender setup page securely. If you are facing issues while accessing the devices wirelessly you can contact router login support team for the help.

Resetting the DNS Cache So that you can Access the TP-Link Setup Page

Here are the steps for resetting the DNS cache for TP-Link extender.

  • First you will need to disconnect the device from the TP-Link extender and then reconnect it.
  • Go to “Start Menu”
  • Select “All Program” option.
  • Then select the “Accessories”.
  • Click on the “Command Prompt” option and type “ipconfig” in the command prompt.

These are the steps you can choose if you are facing problems while accessing the TP-Link extender setup page using the default domain name. Remember, our team is available any time you need our assistance. Dial the Toll Free Number 1800-603-4024 and discuss your problems with our team. We are available for 24/7  and 365 days of the year.