Know The Reason behind Unable Accessing Domain Name http //

Our reliance on Wi-Fi is practically growing day by day. Whether it is home or office Wi-Fi is indispensable for smooth & efficient working.  Not only working but increasing number of Wi-Fi enabled devices also a reason behind increasing Wi-Fi demand. So, in this way, we can’t ignore the importance of Wi-Fi in our daily lives. If Wi-Fi importance is a fact, its non-availability at times is also a fact. Wi-Fi availability not only affects our work but also our mood. Nowadays we do have devices like range extender to replicates these Wi-Fi signals. Still, users face issue with Range Extenders. Today’s we will look at the common issues that prevent user accessing TP-Link extender domain name http // We will also discuss some troubleshoot tips to overcome this issue. So, be with us till you get answers to your TP-Link extender related issues.

Now, we are going to mention reasons that were blocking your way accessing web management page of the TP-Link extender. Go through these points & let us know if you have any other concern regarding TP-Link Extender. Before you get started, make sure you have upgraded your device firmware. Let’s start now.

Reason Why You Can’t Access TP-Link Extender Domain Name http //

You are not connected to TP-Link Extender Directly, Whether you are wired or wirelessly accessing Domain Name.   

  •    Try to connect your device to Range Extender directly. If possible make use of cable for connecting to your TP-Link Range Extender. In case you can’t use cable connection then it’s better to shut down your key wireless router. This will make sure that you are not connected to the key wireless network.
  •    You can also make use of IP address for accessing range extender. Suppose you are not aware of IP address. In that case, seek your key wireless router DHCP client list to find out IP Address of range extender. You can anytime contact our customer care team for more information.

Your devices are connected to range extender, however, local DNS needed to be cleared.

  •    What you can do is disconnect your devices from the Range extender & then re-connect them. You have to wait for some time, till your device can reintroduce its IP address.
  •    If you are accessing http // Via Window OS then opt for Start menu, All Programs & then Accessories. Now, click on Command Prompt & enter the command ipconfig /flushdns.
  •    The easiest way to reset the local DNS cache for Mobile & tablets users is performing the Powercycle.

Another reason why you are unable to access http // is that you have entered it in the search bar.

It is supposed to be entered in the Address bar, instead of the search bar. So, be sure you enter the domain name in Address bar.

For any other issue, place call on our toll-free number. Our team is available 24/7 on the toll-free number. You can have live interaction with the team via live chat support window. If you want to give any suggestion or feedback then you are welcome. Post your suggestions or comments in the comment box for early replies from our team.