Here Are the Steps for Tp Link Wifi Extender Setup

Are the wifi signals at your workstation & home, playing Hide & Seek with you? Are you are not able to access the internet in particular areas of your house due to weak Wireless connectivity? If the answer is Yes for both questions your house is suffering with wifi scarcity. It is quite a common issue these days because we are all surrounded by a number of wireless interferences. These wireless interferences rise up from the electrical gadgets that we use. These wifi signals are nothing but are radio waves. These radio waves get easily diverted when they meet any interference & turn that place in your house into a dead spot. Now you must be thinking, which device can help you in this situation?

You can install a Tplink wifi range extender, an extender that helps in widening the range of wifi signals & boost them effectively. Setting up a tplink extender doesn’t consume much time. You can setup a tplink wifi extender using a device manual. In case, you find device manuals difficult to understand, opt for our help. You can contact us on our toll-free number and get assistance for tp link wifi extender setup process. Why wait? Let’s begin the setup of a Tplink extender.

Tp Link Wifi Extender Setup via Web Management Page

A Tplink extender can be setup, by WPS method and a web management page. In case, WPS method is unavailable on your router, or if you are unable to perform WPS method, opt for manual configuration. We will provide you the steps for a Tplink extender setup by using the Web Management Page. Using a web-based management page, connect a Tplink extender using an Ethernet cable to the PC. Go through these points and don’t hesitate to seek help from us.

Steps for Tp Link Wifi Extender Setup

  • Switch On your Tplink extender & make sure it stays powered on during the setup.
  • Take an Ethernet cable & connect both the devices. Connect Ethernet cable’s one end into Ethernet port of the wireless device & the other end into the Extender’s Ethernet port.
  • After the establishment of an Ethernet Connection between the devices, disconnect PC from any other wifi network, if any.

Tp Link Wifi Extender Login

  • Once you are done with wifi disconnection of your PC, go ahead and login to the Extender’s web interface.
  • Open a web browser on your device & navigate through to the web address Type in a default web address into the browser’s address bar.
  • When you see the Tp Link Wifi Extender Login window on your computer screen, Enter Admin in both fields.
  • Let’s suppose login attempt with a default web address fails; delete this address & try again with a default IP address. It doesn’t matter, if you use a default IP address or a web address, both the addresses will access the similar login window.

Do you have any questions or query regarding the above-given steps? If yes, get connected with our expert team. They will provide you a complete list of tp link wifi extender setup. So, call them today & get instant assistance.